Things that happen when you forget you are an adult

You wear cartoon character t-shirts to work.

You get up and think that what you need today, is to wear that new Adventure Time t-shirt, which is cool A.F, forgetting you work in a professional environment and want to be taken seriously by those around you.

You get a Harry Potter tattoo.

Although it is becoming much more acceptable to have tattoos and piercings, choosing to have a Deathly Hallows tattoo on your person when you are in your mid-twenties does mean you receive a few funny looks from people of a non-Harry Potter generation.  This is possibly what you should have thought of before getting the tattoo but having been too caught up in the nostalgia of your youth you forgot that actually you are no longer twelve and are in fact a legal adult.  I mean if you’re like me, you rock it, but you still turn scarlet every time someone asks you about it.

You have a Harry Potter themed wedding.

This is fairly self-explanatory and results in the same feelings and reactions as above except it is not just you that get the funny looks but also your future spouse who presumably is about just about on the same adult level as you ( at least you are not alone!)

You wear fluffy bed socks to work because you got up late.

I really don’t know what else there is to say on this except that this is something that happens to me regularly. Real adults probably change their socks regardless and probably don’t get up so late that they can’t change them and I clearly forget that I am an adult so this is the result of forgetting where you are on the grown-up scale.

You openly admit to feeling uncomfortable about being the only adult around.

We have all been there, the moment where you look around for an adult and realise it is you. When faced with having to be around youths recently, I realised I am in fact not one of them. The realisation of adulthood and all the obligations that come with it, terrified me to the point where I admitted my fear to them, leaving me in what could have been a very vulnerable position. Thankfully these youths took pity on me and let me be. It was a poor time to have an existential crisis though because if something had happened I would have been so wrapped up in the meaning of adult life to have noticed.

You watch Disney movies all day and forget to do laundry

This can also be mistaken for laziness but in actual fact it all boils down to the fact that as an adult stuff doesn’t just get done for you anymore. You actually have to peel yourself off the couch and do your own washing. You forget that as an adult you are supposed to prioritise things like laundry and housework rather than watching movies.

You spend your money on sweets.

When you forget that you can’t eat sweets for dinner and you end up spending a large portion of your wages on junk food. Before you even realise it your presses are full of Oreos and Dip-Dabs instead of adult food; like hummus and shit. Another example of this is: believing that potato waffles count as two of your five-a-day.

You ring your mother to find something you have lost, even when you don’t live at home.

That’s right you still call your mother to solve most of your problems.  You could live on the other side of the world and you still call your mother expecting her to tell you where you left that really important letter from the bank or your passport. You forget that you should know where it is because you are an adult now and you don’t live with your mother and if you do you are probably still entrusted with the responsibility of minding your own stuff. (I know EW, right?)

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