5 Hot beverages for everyday struggles




Being a grown-ass woman can be hard and sometimes we need a bit of comfort and self-care in the form of a warm beverage. Hot drinks can be so soothing and have the ability to make the world seem magical and wondrous, and can help you through some of the most difficult parts of everyday life.


Having to get up on the morning: Green Tea

Rather than filling yourself up on loads of coffee opt for the healthier option of green tea.  Green tea has numerous healthy benefits and therefore releases the wonderful placebo effect, making you feel like you are treating your body like a temple, especially if the night before you treated it like a chemical lab.


All illnesses: Hot Whiskey (Hot Toddy)

Sore throat, colds, flu like symptoms, toothache this old fashioned cure is the way to go. But don’t just limit its use to that. Headache or stomach ache, even sinus infection, any type of illness at all, a hot whiskey is bound to help you feel better. This drink will take the edge of, and after a few you won’t really even give a shit that you are sick anymore.

Stressful moments:  Coffee

You would expect me to recommend something calming and relaxing. No! Hit up the coffee. Get all that coffee, you have tried the healthy thing when you woke up. It will get you nice and hyped up to deal with the stress. Admittedly it will make you more stressed but just go with it, it tastes good.


When hanging out with close friend: Tea with milk (and some form of strong alcohol)

When that one friend that seems to have it altogether comes over and begins telling you all about their great new job, new house, baby or a wedding – stuff that doesn’t affect you directly but still freaks you out. Just make them a nice cup of tea, not too strong not too weak. Make yourself one too but make sure and add very strong liquor to yours, whiskey usually works. If you aren’t feeling the whiskey or you are in a public place, keep a bottle of vodka in your bag for emergencies such as these and take a swig when your friend is not looking.


When on your period: Hot Chocolate

All you need to feel better when the Crimson Tide arrives is a rich and luxurious hot chocolate. I like to use the following recipe:  200ml milk, heated in a saucepan or in the microwave, two large tablespoons of instant hot chocolate powder, 2 -3 large bars of any type of chocolate (avoid any with added fruit, nuts or biscuit as they tend not to melt and will either clump at the bottom of your cup or float to the top, and trust me this is not what you need in your life). Firstly, heat the milk. While the milk is heating, break up the chocolate in to squares.  Next, eat all of the chocolate. Once the milk is ready add the hot chocolate powder and stir vigorously, trying to ensure all of the powder mixes with the milk. If this doesn’t happen, fear not, you will have probably given up giving a fuck about the process and just want to curl up and cry.  This hot drink also works great for a break up, just add some whipped cream and marshmallows to the hot chocolate once it has been made, then take a large glass of wine, down it, and sit back, relax and drink your warm chocolatey drink.

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