The mix tape of my life

Have you ever thought of the songs that describe particular moment in your life, no? Ah this is probably one of those Aoife things then. Well every now and then during life’s little moments I think of a song that can perfectly sum up that moment or in some case a song will just randomly pop into my head. Now because I am me and am therefore strange, in a good way, I usually end up thinking of songs that are not necessarily the most appropriate. Anyway here is the mix tape of my life.


When I pee: Jingle bells.

Yeah I know it’s weird, no I don’t know why it happens but it just does. I’ll just be sitting on the toilet and I start singing it in my head.

When I get paid: Started from the Bottom, Drake

Money makes me feel like I’m finally in making it in the world as an adult. It’s a completely false feeling but the song makes me feel pretty badass all the same.

When I am walking in bad weather: Eye of the Tiger, Survivor

This usually happens when I have to walk in the rain or when it is really windy. I usually feel as though I am in some sort of war with the elements and then, boom, the chorus enters my brain and I basically think I am Rocky, because I’ve got the eye of the tiger, and I’m prepared to walk through the rain/hail/storm to get to my destination (as long as my destination is warm and has tea)

When I’m in a good mood: Friday I’m in Love, The Cure

It’s just a fun happy song but it isn’t ever in my head when I think of my hubbie or of I’m feeling particularly loved up. It usually pops in to my head when I have food, because food puts me in a good mood.

When I’m in a really bad mood: I’m not ok, My Chemical Romance

I think this comes to mind because when I am in a bad mood I become the little emo teenager that I thought was gone for ever. I get all pouty and wanna dye my hair black regardless of why I am in a bad mood.

When I have had a bad day at work: Killing in the name of, Rage Against the Machine.

I like the whole I hate ‘the man’ vibe of this song you know, hating authority and everyone else in the world, which is usually what happens to most of us when we have had a really tough day at work.

When I’ve recovered from a hangover: Without Me, Eminem

Once the fear and the feeling that an elephant that shites bricks has taken a dump on me, I usually feel pretty refreshed. This admittedly takes a few days but once it happens I repeat this song in my head because I’m back on my game at that point.

When I least expects it: Jingle bells.

I’m not even lying, this happens way too much to be normal.

When I’m sick: All by Myself, Eric Carmen

When better to feel sorry for yourself than when you are sick. This heart wrenching tune just conveys all the misery of being sick. It has to be this version though, as much as I love Celine Dion, because she is a boss, I don’t think her version really makes you feel as sorry for yourself as Eric Carmen’s.

When I’m at the gym: Everybody have fun tonight, Wang Chung

No matter what music is playing in the background at the gym or blasting out of my headphones, I always end up thinking of Wang Chung. It gets played at least once every time I am at the gym so now it is just the song I associate with exercising. Even if I’m using the exercise bike at home the song just pops into my head and I even do part where your voice goes all deep when you sing the ‘everybody have fun’ bit.

When I use peanut butter: Peanut butter Jelly time

Regardless of what the peanut butter is accompanying I will always sing the entire ‘it’s peanut butter jelly time’, you just have to it’s like a weird food ritual. Sometimes I dance a little bit as I spread it on toast or a rice cracker.

Random points throughout my day: Harry Potter theme tune

I will find myself humming the theme tune to Harry Potter. Sometimes I don’t even realise I’m doing it. And it is very annoying to have someone hum something constantly so I end up pissing myself off. Thank God I am unable to whistle or I would punch myself in the mouth.

When people say the word ‘question’: Independent Women, Destiny’s Child

I basically finish the opening line of the song when people say ‘question’, following it with a ‘tell me what you think about me’ because, well because it is the song that comes into my head and it is fun to see people get irritated with you. It really draws out the process of them getting to their point.

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