These are a few of my favourite things


This week’s post is basically a list of the shit that I like. I will be telling you what I like,  why I like it and hoping that you like them too.  There is a pretty broad mix of things that I like because they are pretty. As well as  stuff that I feel, or at least the materialistic part of my brain has convinced me, I cannot live without. There are some food and beverage items also because I am a human and have my priorities straight.



I have been drinking these for years but I feel like they are everywhere at the moment. I swear by them. They are great for after the gym or if you are hungover. Although there are qualified nutritionists out there that will probably tell you how bad they are for you I am sure they are better than a sugary fizzy drink or sports drink.

Curaprox Toothbrush


I have a weird compulsion to brush my teeth a ridiculous amount every day, I’m fairly sure it is because I had braces for a number of years and needed to brush a lot to prevent food getting caught in them. Apparently brushing too often and too vigorously is bad for your teeth so I try and minimise the damage by not using anything overly abrasive. This is has nice soft bristles so it doesn’t feel like I am completely shredding pieces of enamel off of my teeth when I brush.

Metallic nail varnish


This nail varnish makes me feel like a fancy space lady. I love how long lasting it is, even some of the most noticeable chips can’t be seen and that makes a huge difference to me because I hate having to top up my nail polish. Actually I hate it so much that I never actually top it up and I go around with chipped nails for the week, which  does not make me appear well put together and at this point in my life I need all the help with looking like I have my shit together. This nail varnish definitely achieves this for me, even if it is only in a tiny way. My favourite is this one from Penneys called ‘Supernova’ (pictured above).

Coloured pens


I love stationary, all of it. Pens make me unnaturally happy though. I can’t make a list or study for anything without having different coloured pens. I’ve recently started an online course and it has been an amazing excuse to crack out the coloured pens and take some notes.  These Bic ones are my favourite but there are tons of funky cheaper options out there. Warning: you pay for what you get and some of the cheaper ones don’t last as long.

Leave-in conditioning spray


As I have pointed out before, I have curly hair and I have a hard time maintaining it. The only thing that I have found to work reasonably well is leave-in conditioning spray. I use either Aussie Miracle Moist or CoCo LoCo Coconut Spritz. They reduce the frizz and help to get a few days out of my curls before needing to tie it up on top of a head like a pineapple.

Fluffy socks


It’s finally that time of year where the weather gets nice and cold and every Irish woman is finally justified for saying that she is ‘freeeeeezing’ fifty times a day. The best part is walking into almost every clothes shop on the high street and you will be spoiled for choice with all the warm cloud-like fluffy bed socks.  It’s not quite fleece pyjamas weather yet but fluffy bed socks are the little autumn appetizers that I like to take advantage of before the weather gets so bad that you need to go around with a hot water bottle under your top.

Alpro Vegan Ice Cream


The ice cream of my dreams has just become available and I am in love! It’s pretty hard to find decent vegan ice cream anywhere where I live, usually it is a real treat having to go to get some in the health food shop but now it’s there when I go shopping and I can pick it up every week (blessing and a curse because I would probably eat the whole tub in one go!)

Chai Tea


I just want to clarify that when it comes to hot drinks, I am completely unbiased. I love them all equally I assure you. But Chai is my favourite at the moment. I love it in all forms, latte, just with a drop of milk or on its own. I’ve been indulging in the Clipper ‘love me truly’ chai tea A LOT lately. It’s very subtle but so comforting now that we are hitting the colder weather. This brand is fair trade and the packaging is biodegradable.  Also, the box is pretty, which has no effect on the taste or anything else but, hey, I like pretty stuff.

I just want to add as a disclaimer that I am not claiming that any of these things will make you feel better about a dog barking or a bee stinging. My nod to The Sound of Music is not that literal.

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