My New Year’s Resolutions


It’s that time of year where everyone feels the need to change everything about them in order to have something to distract from the boringness of January. I myself will be jumping on the bandwagon and changing almost all aspects of my life in order to feel good for a month. Just joking, some of mine are quite normal, non-threatening and more achievable than attempting to lose a stone after Christmas.

Take more pictures with the familia

Specifically with my sisters. We don’t have enough of the three of us together unless you count weird forced ones from family events. This year I am gonna be snap happy whenever we are together.

Read more

I love reading and Santa was kind enough to bring some books this year so I am going to get back into my old habit. I might even start adding some book reviews to my blog so watch this space.

Admit I have allergies

This one is very grown up.  I usually suffer away and wonder why I feel so crap just because I don’t want to admit I have allergies. I am gonna make a huge step in my attempts to be an adult and have some medication on hand if I need it. I will also buy my own and not rely on my mother to have them in the house for me.

Drink less tea

Lol, ok that one is a joke and also a physical impossibility. I am gonna try limit the old caffeine though and I just had my mind blown lately when someone informed me there is more caffeine in tea than coffee, not sure if it’s true but it still blew my mind. I plan on switching to decaf everything.

Cook more

I’ve been doing a lot of baking and cooking lately, not just bog standard stuff like whacking pasta in a pot for myself, but full on recipes and nice dinners for other people. I plan on doing this way more and of course sharing some of my recipes on my blog because I am sound like that.

Take more pictures

This is for when I am travelling or for special occasions. I’m admittedly not great at this, I’ve always been a firm believer in not needing to take pictures whenever I go anywhere and document everything but I do plan on travelling for three months at the end of January and I think that I should take some pictures. I don’t mean sharing every waking minute but you know – just a few nice ones here and there to keep some memories.

Stop eating things that make me feel sick

I already know what these foods are but I still eat them, not because I need or want to just because they are there. Very silly really. So no more cheese and onion crisps because they give me chronic heartburn (vegans can have cheese and onion crisp by the way, mind blowing isn’t it?) No stodgy white bread and no saucepan full of pasta, which is just over-eating but I need to stop doing it so I felt I should include it here.

Drink more water

I am literally running out of stuff now.

Actually finish all the series I have started on Netflix

There are at least five sitting there unwatched and neglected. I need to get on that soon.

Make my bed every morning

This one will be difficult as my husband will be in the bed when I get up but I can just make my side.


I am going to make a resolution to maintain my little blog here and updated it more.  Feel free to share some of your new resolutions in the comments. I would love to know what strange and wonderful things you plan on doing for a month then giving up.


Happy New Year!


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