Things I can’t live without these days

Not even joking when I wrote out the title of this I wrote the word ‘thong’ not ‘thing’ – this would have been a very different post. This is a very materialistic post because I am not including the people in my life that I wouldn’t be without, and yes when I say people I actually mean my dogs Pippin and Bowie.  There a few little things that kind of complete my life because I have grown to love them. Most of them are inanimate objects but I don’t care. I have a broken arm at the moment and some of these things have been ridiculously useful, not in a practical sense but more in a keeping me sane sense.

My Himalayan Salt Lamp

I can’t remember my room without this. It makes my room feel so relaxing and calm. I have a hard time falling to sleep so it creates a lovely light in the room that sort of transitions me into bed time. Kind of like a babies nightlight because I am basically a large child. It has a load of other benefits obviously, like helping my seasonal allergies but mainly I love it because it looks nice. Sorry not sorry.

My fluffy blanket

My husband decided to buy a 15 tog duvet, the heaviest duvet in the world. Ok slight exaggeration. Now as lovely as it is too be warm, I can’t really deal with the weight of it with a broken arm, as it is too hard to move around without hurting myself, so my fluffy blanket is my saviour. It is also very handy when confined to the house on cold days because I am home alone and can’t justify putting on the heating for myself. I just snuggle up with it and I am all set.


I am spending a lot of time at home so I have nothing else to except read, watch TV and blog. Without Netflix I might pull my hair out. Even if I just need some background noise it is there with all manner of weird, wonderful and addictive shows to keep me going. Now the one fault I have is they don’t have cooking shows so I have to resort to watching normal telly for this (EW).


Self-explanatory really and if you don’t like tea then this is not the place for you.

Hair clips

I can’t tie my hair up at the moment so I am using those plastic hair clips that have reappeared everywhere but are straight out of the 90s. They kind half brush my hair as I clip it and keeps it out of my face. These are also helpful on a greasy hair day.

My husband’s black t-shirts

My husband constantly buys black t-shirts. All the same type from the same shop, he has about 20 of them and they used to be the bane of my life but now I love them. Because of my broken arm I can’t really manage to dress properly so I would just throw these over me and they work as a kind of half poncho style – I can dress properly as the weeks go on but sometimes  I still wear them when I’m not bothered trying to get properly dressed.

Lounge wear

These are basically pyjamas why do people pretend like they are not. However they do make me look like I haven’t been in pyjamas all day when people arrive to the house. They just look like a tracksuit. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants to pretend that they have gotten dressed when they have actually been in bed watching telly all day.



Just joking.

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