Bug bears (a nicer term for shit that irritates you)

This might end up being a long post as many things annoy me. We all have things that annoys us, that gets under our skin, makes us wanna throw things or type in capital letters under someone’s Facebook status. Chances are most people will get annoyed by the sane things as me but I accept that I am a little weird and that there will be at least three of these that you think are ridiculous and I should maybe look into getting help for, which you are probably right about. 

1. When cutlery is not put back in the right place. 

I’m OK with everything else being mixed up but the spoons, knives and forks should not be mixed up together in the drawer and so help me God if I see anyone putting them in the wrong sections in the drawer will end you. They have their own little cutlery houses and they should stay there, it doesn’t matter why but it is like nails on a chalk board if they are not in the correct place. 

2. People who drive through puddles while I’m on the path. 

This is a horrible one because you either have to continue your day completely drowned or you have to get home and attempt to peel off the wet clothes, which really hurts. Why can’t they drive more slowly and just aim for my feet, I good deal with that. I don’t need muddy water all over me, they should just go slowly so it’s a small wave and not a tsunami. 

3. People who spoil the end of films.

OK I do this sometimes by accident but some people do it stupidly. I was going to the cinema once, I was literally paying for my ticket and the guy told me one of the main actor, one of the important character dies. If my friends had heard to then I would have demanded my money back, but serious dude you don’t tell the customers what happens in the films? What’s wrong with you. 

4. Incorrect use of the term Karma. 

Dear western world. Karma is not what you wish to happen to someone who as wronged you despite what Facebook and tumblr posts would have you believe. I’m not even gonna pretend that I fully understand it it but Karmic justice is not gonna magically happen,and if it would happen  it probably won’t be in this lifetime as it is part of a belief system that includes reincarnation.  Therefore please stop with the cryptic messages about how karma will get people, it would probably be more accurate to say that if karma works the person that wronged you will come back as a cockroach. If people stopped using the term incorrectly it would stop me shouting at my screen a lot and make me look more sane. 

5. It’s specific not Pacific. 

Do I need to discuss this further.

6. People who tell me I’m prettier without my glasses. 

Firstly, you are wrong because I look like a mole with squinty eyes. Also you know, rude. I need them to see so shut up. 

7. Strangers who think it is OK to ask to wear my glasses.

Would you as to try on someone’s hearing aid? No. So go away, I don’t fancy standing around with the world blurring while you decide if my glasses suit you.  I have the same issue for people who ask to use other people’s crutches. I doubt they are much fun for the people who need them so why would you prance around with them.

8. My duvet being the wrong way around. 

The buttons have to be at the bottom of the bed. If they are anywhere else this will cause the plastic to accidentally touch my skin and feel weird. I sometimes make my husband get out of the bed so I can fix this. 

9. When people stand to close to me in a queue.

Getting all up on me will not get you there quicker I assure you. I do not want to feel your breath on my neck, it ain’t sexy. If I can smell what you had for lunch you are too close. 

10. People.

Just in general. 

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