The ghost of Facebook past.

I’ve noticed my Facebook page is filled with articles I’ve shared, memes and pictures. I very rarely write a status and I probably haven’t really felt the need to in a long time. When I first joined Facebook I used to constantly update my statue…even if I had very little to say. Every so often I see a post pop up under memories and I physically cringe at the pure ridiculousness of the thoughts I shared in a public space. Not just because it is embarrassing but also because I don’t know what I was even talking about.  Anyway, as I am a glutton for punishment I am going to share some of these posts with you, partly so you can have a good laugh but also in the hope that you can help me decipher the meaning of my early Facebook years.



It can’t have been that good because I have no recognition of what this was in relation to.  I think I was going through a phase of using random as an adjective to describe pretty much anything in my life. Also my level of English was atrocious even for an eighteen year old.


Was I afraid of correct grammar? This was during my first year of college. I should have just tried to sleep of study instead of taking to writing on Facebook to complain. No one cares about how sleep deprived I am. I was totally looking for sympathy here. Also judging by my sentence structure I had more to worry about than the housemates.

2010 again

Yep, I actively engaged and encouraged this back in the day, now when I see it I consider unfriending people.


And Again

More com

I also added dot com to everything at this point and decided to share being sick on Facebook. Adding dot com must have made things more serious back in the day.Yes, I’ve cracked it I added dot com to show the severity of my hunger, anger and hangovers.  That is how I am going to justify my overuse of this.



This is one of about fifty statuses with this theme from this time in my life. I don’t know why I was so interested in going out. I fucking hate going out now. The thought of it upsets me. I don’t even like leaving the house now. I barely go outside let alone go OUT. I think I would cry if I had to go to a nightclub.


I hope that someone wrote this when I left my laptop open.


I probably just had a hangover or was tired and felt that my life was thus ruined.


Or I’m too busy on Facebook to actually look for it.

Tea problem


Fuck, I wish I could say I stopped after this but I don’t think I did. That’s a serious tea problem.  Why was I sharing this with people? Where is the punctuation?

Done and Dusted

Not a clue. Not one. Gonna say I had either polished off a large cake or finished exams.


Was I murdering the tea and biscuits? Was a big fan of the exclamation mark wasn’t I?



He is, but why am I expressing this passionate sentiment right at this moment? Was it a spontaneous realisation or was there a reason for it…we will never know.


Why was I so eager to get home? I usually just ate and slept when I went home, this status is misleading people to think I had a vibrant social life. It should have said whooo I’m going home to do some washing in a house that doesn’t smell like mould.

Causal sexism

Ok this one I am only embarrassed about because I should have just removed these people and not try to hold a conversation about sexism when I didn’t have the knowledge behind me. I would not have engaged in this conversation if it were to happen now. I think this one just goes to show how far the world has come because I don’t think anyone would dare write that under my status now.



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