I’m a foul-mouthed disillusioned graduate with too much time on her hands. My journey to adulthood has not been a smooth one and I struggle with the most basics of adult duties such as doing my washing, general hygiene and most terrifying of all – banking. I’m recently married, but don’t let that fool you, I have no direction in my life and my husband and I currently live with my parents. I struggle with where I am at in my life, as most twenty-somethings do, and I find my only way to deal with it is to try to see the funny side of things, if I didn’t, I would probably be banging my head against a wall in a room, wearing one of those cool jackets that let you hug yourself. I write a lot of nonsense, stories about my life, random thoughts that flitter through my head, but mainly the day to day struggle of being a an adult while for the most part behaving like a toddler.I intend for this to be a space where I share some my random thoughts and funny stories about my life, mainly so that other people can read it and realise that they are not doing too bad and that if I can somehow survive through the embarrassing, awkward and the annoying, so can they. This blog is loaded with profanity and sarcasm so is therefore not for the faint of heart. I hope you enjoy reading about my struggles.

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